Feel free to contact Aqua Prom Ltd’s team

Ross - Rosen Georgiev - Co-founder of Aqua Prom Ltd. Rosen Georgiev (Ross)
mobile: +359 888 52 25 30
office: +359 603 024
e-mail: ross_dive@abv.bg

Reasons to contact Aqua Prom Ltd.

Aqua Prom Ltd’s team is specialized in doing of quality, high skilled underwater activity, conformable to international standards for taking part in underwater projects. The company disposes of necessary technical and personnel department for doing the following underwater jobs.
The divers working for Aqua Prom Ltd. are certified from “The Underwater Centre” Fort William, Scotland “H.S.E.” Commercial air diving.

Financial Aid  has been granted to Aqua Prom Ltd. by the Bulgarian Government due to COVID-19 pandemic.


The above stated document could be accessed – here.